Watercraft Insurance

Newfoundland Personal Recreational Watercraft Insurance

Personal watercraft (PWC) or recreational watercraft is the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles for water. Similar to ATVs, these recreational watercraft allow the rider to either sit or stand on while riding them. Both these types of watercraft are powered by an inboard engine that drives a pump jet with a screw-shaped impeller that creates the thrust necessary for steering and propulsion.

Most people know these personal watercraft by their brand names, such as Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or Waverunner. While most PWCs can accommodate two to three people, other models can seat up to four passengers.

As fun as riding recreational watercraft are, they are not immune to the exposure of risk, just as any other vehicle. Newfoundland personal watercraft insurance is a customized package that can minimize such risk.

Watercraft Insurance


NauticLife/NautiMax insurance program specializes in small boats and personal watercraft that makes it the heart of the Newfoundland PWC insurance package. Crosbie Job offers a customized protection plan that lets you choose the coverage that best suits your needs. Choose from one of these coverage plans:


Comprehensive all-risk plans which are based on Agreed Value, Actual Cash Value or Guaranteed Replacement Cost (depending on the craft’s age)


Personal liability of up to $2 million for any accidental damages or injuries caused by you or your watercraft


Protection for your navigational equipment, trailers and your personal property (adjustable)


Loss of use of up to $1,500 a year (on certain watercrafts)


Wreck removal

Reach out to Crosbie Job, where our professionals can secure great discounts on your behalf for things such as dry docking, being claims-free, completing recognized training, increasing your deductibles or owning multiple watercraft.

Don’t Get Caught On the Water

Being prepared is crucial when heading out to the open waters. A watercraft accident may not only affect your physical and mental well-being, but it can also take a life.

Since 1984, Crosbie Job has been providing residents of Newfoundland with the most current and comprehensive insurance policies. Our tailored insurance solutions are a result of years of experience in the industry from knowing what’s best for you.

Before you take that next fun-filled water recreational ride, fill out the Request a Quote Form. Our experts at Crosbie Job will contact you about your personal watercraft protection needs. Rest easy knowing that we have got you covered.

Protection you deserve