High-Value Home Insurance

Newfoundland High-Value Home Insurance

High-value, luxury homes have started to become more common in Newfoundland, not just in St.John’s but throughout the entire province. As the proud owner of a high-value home, you deserve a homeowner’s insurance policy that offers specialized protection customized to your needs. Rarely does one product tick all the boxes for a home insurance policy.

When we say high-value homeowner’s insurance, we mean more than just the higher limits required to replace the home you have worked so hard to build/buy. It means everything in it: from the high-end custom workmanship to the beautiful decor that adorns each room. While regular home insurance policies often contain standard limits on a wide variety of items, this may not be sufficient for high-valued homeowners such as yourself. Do you own art, collectibles, jewelry or even a wine collection? Standard insurance policies often will not have sufficient coverage for such items.

At Crosbie Job Insurance, we have you covered! Please speak to one of our professionals to make sure you are protected.

Your Dedicated Professionals!

As valued customers of Crosbie Job, you will be treated like royalty. We tailor specialized insurance products for your particular needs, and we have years of experience when it comes to high-value homes. Crosbie Job offers these advantages when opting for high-value homeowners insurance in Newfoundland:


Water damage protection, which is generally not included in the standard policy.


Temporary living expenses, paid in a manner, which you are familiar with.


At Crosbie Job, we have a lot of experience in the luxury home insurance market. Give us a call to discuss your needs.


Receive protection for your home, high-value collections and possessions, including jewelry, antiques, wine and fine arts.


Insurance which will protect you against more risks when compared to standard policies.


Benefit from our higher coverage limits, with options to include inflation protection, guaranteed replacement costs and cash-value alternatives.


Enjoy outstanding value and choice as we collaborate with multiple lending insurers to negotiate the best deal at the best price.

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

Newfoundland high-value home insurance bridges the gap between standard home insurance replacement cost and your home’s actual value. Rebuild what you’ve previously lost.

Claims service from insurance companies that cater to high-value homes provides far superior service. They offer alternative living arrangements, ensuring minimal disruption in your lives while your home is being looked after. Reach out to us for an affordable, high-value home policy covering your whole home from one of the select insurance companies.

Newfoundland high-value home insurance is available to almost any homeowner concerned about covered replacement values. Generally, homes worth over $1,000,000 should consider this insurance. Please click Request a Quote and one of our professionals at Crosbie Job will contact you regarding high-value home protection.

At Crosbie Job Insurance, we have been protecting the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1851. We know how to offer peace of mind. Become a member of the Crosbie Job family so that you can Sleep Easy! We’ve Got you Covered!

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