Marine Insurance

Newfoundland Commercial Marine Insurance

Newfoundland was founded on the basis of the fishery. It was originally settled to land and prepare fish for the voyage back to the old world. Eventually many of the settlers made it their home. The old world then became a trading partner. As trade developed so did the need for insuring the goods that were sent back across the ocean.

Ocean Marine Insurance is perhaps the oldest type of insurance coverage in the world. Today’s insurance coverage includes much more than indemnity for any losses that take place on an international voyage. It applies to coverage in coastal waters or the high seas. It is designed primarily to provide coverage for the vessel or the hull of the ship, freight, cargo and liability that occur during operation of your vessel.

As fish merchants, the Crosbie family recognized the need to insure the boats and cargo. This realization led them to brokering insurance for other merchants. Today in Newfoundland, when people talk about Marine Insurance they are generally referring to Fishing Boats/Trawlers being insured. It’s much more than that, there are many other types of vessels that need insurance.

Why You Need Coverage

Whenever you are at sea or on the ocean, an accident can happen. With a customized insurance policy from Crosbie Job Insurance Ltd, your vessel is protected. Policies can also extend to protect the additional equipment that you may have attached to your boat. You may also choose to purchase coverage for your personal property and fishing gear.

The liability portion of our marine policies will help you in the event that you are found at fault for an accident on the water. You will have financial protection against claims of bodily injury, property damage, passenger liability, and more.

Complete Coverage

As a Newfoundland company with a tradition of working with the fishing industry, we are proud to offer a wide range of Ocean Marine Insurance solutions, encompassing most classes of marine risks. We have policies that cover:

Ocean Going Vessels


Fishing Boats


Inland Watercrafts


Pleasure Crafts


Tugs & Barges


Marine Cargo


Builders' Risk

As part of our complete insurance coverage, not only will Crosbie Job Insurance Ltd insure your Hull, we offer Protection and Indemnity (Primary & Excess) coverage for third party liabilities that arise from the operation and ownership of your vessel. Covered risks can also include wreckage removal, passenger liability and pollution. Additionally we can provide coverage for marine liabilities, such as:

Charters Liability


Ship Repairers Liability


Ports Liability


Marina Liability


Marine Umbrella Insurance

We can provide Newfoundland insurance for most classes of marine risks. With complicated risks, it is best to discuss your coverage options with one of our professionals. Your Ocean Marine Insurance coverage can be customized to your exact needs. We will spend as much time as it takes to explain your coverage to you.

Commercial Marine Insurance

We know that as an owner and/or operator of a commercial marine enterprise you have unique needs and specific insurance requirements. It’s our job to understand your business. Knowing your business allows us to provide you with the most appropriate coverage. It is our specialty to offer you the best possible combination of coverage and price.

We recognize that insurance can be complex. We realise that it is more than just fish boats that need insurance coverage. No matter what part of the marine industry you operate in, we will tailor an insurance solution that will best meet your needs.

Crosbie Job Insurance Ltd: Your Reliable Experts

With our expert knowledge and understanding in this complex insurance area, we have what it takes to craft the ideal Newfoundland Marine Insurance policy for your commercial enterprise. We are dedicated to providing quality coverage and personal service to each customer, whether you own a small fishing boat or a multi-million dollar marina.

Crosbie Job Insurance Ltd is a Newfoundland insurance brokerage that is steeped in tradition. It can trace its roots as a provider of insurance to fish merchants as far back as the 1850s. We are the go-to brokers for insurance. Simply fill out the protection Quote Form and one of our professional brokers will contact you. You can sleep easy knowing that we have access to most marine markets, including both foreign and domestic markets. We’ve Got You Covered.

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