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Farming is part of the Canadian Fabric. Whether you are a large industrial farm or a hobby farmer, you need to make sure you are covered. Many people think there is not much to insure on your farm. But that’s not the case. There is livestock, crops, buildings, equipment (which is become more complex), automobiles, barns and perhaps even more. There is so much more to think about.

Farmers Insurance Newfoundland

Most People

The Average Joe thinks about the barn(s), the cars/trucks, and, farmhouse but you are not the Average Joe. You are a business owner, and you know there is much more to consider. Let one of our experienced Brokers at Crosbie Job Insurance Limited, help you through the process. We can help eliminate any gaps in coverage.



Much of today’s farming equipment is computerized. Gone are the days when everything is done by hand (unless thats the way you want to do it). If you are operating your farm with computerized equipment, have you thought to insure it? This includes soil, weather and crop sensors. You may even need break down insurance. Make sure you are protected!


Business Interruption

Have you considered what would happen if you had a major loss and could not operate? No!!! Then you need to think about business interruption. This coverage will help keep the farm afloat while you are rebuilding or replacing equipment buildings etc. Are you protected for that type of financial loss? How about being covered for lost earnings while a part of your business is being restored? Business Interruption can help secure your future.



Did you know that it was possible to insure your livestock? It is? The same with your crops. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. At the end of the day your crops and livestock are your bread and butter. They are what generate your income. Take the time to discuss with one of our professional brokers, to make sure you choose the coverage that is right for you.



Many farms now do more than just farm, they run a store, set up corn mazes, do sleigh rides, birthday parties, haunted houses etc. It might seem like no big deal, but are you covered? Its important to make sure that the liability associated with your farm will cover you, or to make sure that you get commercial general liability to cover the scope of your operations. Something as seemingly innocuous as a hayride or a haunted house occasionally offered at the farm to generate some extra income could be your undoing. If someone is hurt at one of those events, it important to make sure you are covered.

If you are uncertain about what your policy covers; if you have altered your farm processes or are concerned about increasing weather risks to your crop, contact Crosbie Job. There you will discover farm insurance experts who will make sure your farm operations stay protected by staunch insurance. In your unpredictable world, we will be your constant.

Crosbie Job Your Newfoundland Farm Insurance Expert

Since 1984, our expert brokers at Crosbie Job have provided insurance for big and small farm operations in Newfoundland. We are known as a voice you can trust. We keep up on insurance protection related to all of the latest technological advances in the industry. We know that farming is an important of the Newfoundland way of life. You Can Sleep Easy! We’ve got you covered!

So, complete the Protection Savers Quote Form before the next crop cycle. You will receive a call from one of our farm insurance specialists. Together, we will discuss your current farm protection needs.

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