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Crosbie Job Insurance Limited – Newfoundland Insurance Brokerage Based on Strength and Experience
Crosbie Job Insurance Limited is the product of two long-time Newfoundland families, the Crosbies and the Jobs. The company was purchased in September 1984, by Jim Crosbie, when it was known as Job’s Insurance.

As a company that is the product of two traditional Newfoundland families, Crosbie Job has a vast background. Records indicate that the Job Brothers operated as an agent for the Royal Liverpool Insurance Company as far back as 1851, and the Crosbies’ participation in the insurance industry dates back prior to the 1900s.

Both families were initially fish merchants in St. John’s. Their operations required them to process then ship fish back to Europe. Due to the risky nature of shipping, both families perceived the need to continually obtain marine cargo insurance. These relationships lead both families to obtain general insurance markets in London. They wrote for companies such as Lloyds, Royal, etc. With their general insurance markets, both families began to write other types of insurance such as fire, liability, etc. The Crosbies have a steep history throughout Newfoundland and Canada. Jim has worked in the industry since 1959, when he began working with Holmwoods, Bach, & Manson (a Lloyds of London Broker).

He returned to Canada in 1964 to work with Crosbie, Manson & Mackinnon of Montreal. Upon his return to Newfoundland, Jim operated the Insurance Division of Crosbie Company Limited, which later became Crosbie Reed Stenhouse, then Reed Stenhouse. In 1984, Job’s Insurance was purchased and the new company became known as Crosbie Job Insurance Limited. With the purchase, Jim became President and Chief Executive Officer. Today, Jim’s son, Basil Crosbie, is our president.

Crosbie Job Insurance has a rich history in Newfoundland. We provide insurance in numerous fields such as personal, commercial, and marine insurance. We offer innovative insurance products tailored to suit our customers’ individualized needs. We specialize in difficult risks, including offshore and the Arctic Frontier. Besides St. John’s, Crosbie Job Insurance has eight Broker Representative Offices. We are responsible for 44 licensed individuals, who are available to service our clientele. We continue to search for new markets to ensure the best possible value for our customers and to be able to place those difficult risks.

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