Cabin & Cottage Insurance

Your cabin/seasonal residence is your home away from home. It offers you a getaway and an escape from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life. However, did you know owning a cabin/seasonal residence exposes you to some risks? Because you are not at your cabin/seasonal residence as often, it can be at higher risk for break-ins and vandalism.

It’s important to get cabin/seasonal residence insurance for your home away from home to protect it and all its contents. Chances are if you’re going to the cabin/seasonal residence a lot, you’re leaving a lot of your things there unattended.

Why Choose a Stand-Alone Policy?

Quite often, it is possible to cover your cabin/seasonal residence under your home insurance policy, but many people choose to have a separate one. By protecting your cabin/seasonal residence with a separate insurance policy, rather than including it on a homeowners policy, you can have:


Specific Coverage

Coverage for theft, vandalism, docks, boathouses and more – with a single policy limit.


Replacement Cost on the Building & Contents

Ensuring customers can continue to build memories, even if their cabin/seasonal residence is completely destroyed (when available).


A Little or a Lot

No matter how often you use your cabin/seasonal residence, we can tailor a plan designed for your needs.


Out of Province & Out of Country Residents

Coverage for you, no matter where you live.

Sleep Easy

Crosbie Job has always looked after the residents of Newfoundland & Labrador. Our professionals will offer you cabin/seasonal residence insurance based on our strength & experience. Fill out this Protection Quote Form for a no-obligation assessment of your property.

Protection you deserve