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Newfoundland Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Long Haul Trucking is unique aspect of commercial auto insurance. At Crosbie Job we have been providing insurance and related services to the transportation industry for more than 30 years. Our professional staff, provide the highest quality customer service by offering unique solutions for Newfoundland Long Haul Trucking/Transportation Insurance clients.

We provide trucking insurance products to owner/operators and fleets of all sizes. Our job is to provide you with the best combination of comprehensive insurance and rate. You can sleep easy knowing that as an independent broker, we have access to most of the major insurance companies writing trucking and transportation insurance in Canada.

Long Haul Trucking Insurance

What is Long Haul Trucking Insurance?


When you operate a long haul trucking business, you are running a business that the public relies on.  You are moving goods around the country (& perhaps to the United States) that we all need and want.  Long Haul Trucking insurance is more than just your standard auto policy as it takes into account the nature of what you carry and your radius of operations.  It is a specialized insurance that protects your business.

Minimize Your Risk


Not only do you need coverage for physical damage and liability for your trucks, but depending upon the nature of your business we can offer you a much more comprehensive solution to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. Our Newfoundland Long Haul/Transportation Insurance clients quite often need the following coverage:


Public Liability

The rates you are charged, depending upon where you do you your trucking? Insurers want to know where you operate to ensure that you have the right coverage and at the same time understand their exposure. This is usually the most costly part of any trucking company’s insurance. It protects you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of trucking accidents.


Physical Damage

You have made and an extensive investment into your trucks, whether it is one truck or a fleet, you need to make sure that you are covered if your truck is damaged. You will need to get that truck fixed/replaced ASAP. A truck not on the road is lost revenue.


Comprehensive General Liability

Whether it is long haul trucking/transportation or any other type of commercial business, you really should have commercial general liability (CGL). CGL essentially is liability coverage for your business not related to the use of automobiles. It is protection for injuries or property damage sustained while on your premises, using your products or services, or because of a breach of contract etc. While this policy can include other coverage, it is important to understand that certain classes of business operations will have limited coverage under a CGL. Examples of limited coverage are pollution, environmental, professional liability, employment practices etc… If you are unsure you should speak to one of our professional commercial representatives.


Motor Truck Cargo

Most (if not all) Long Haul Truckers transport freight and commodities. As a trucker you quite often have to assume responsibility for the cargo you are carrying. You need to clearly establish your liability limit at any one time, and make sure that that you purchase cargo insurance to protect you from the exposure that occurs from transporting someone else’s goods. The Motor Truck Cargo policy can be tailored to meet your operations. The Motor Truck Cargo policy can also contain provisions to insure the cargo when it is in your terminal or warehouse.



Transportation companies often require bonds, for fuel taxes and motor carrier authority. At Crosbie Job Insurance, we will look after your bonding needs. Custom bonds, performance bonds, and other bonding demands are readily available.

Don’t Get Stuck


Crosbie Job has been providing residents of Newfoundland with the most current and comprehensive insurance policies since 1984. We know our province and the unique challenges it presents in regards to freight and trucking. We offer insurance based on Strength and Experience, so we will tailor an insurance solution for you.

Complete the Protection Savings Quote Form before you hit the road. Our professionals at Crosbie Job will contact you to review your Long Haul Trucking needs. You can sleep easy knowing that We`ve Got You Covered.

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