Environmental Insurance

Newfoundland Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

General contractors, subcontractors, environmental consultants, construction managers and tank installers face a large number of risks that are related to their business operations. These risks include accidental fuel oil release, contaminated soil disposal, toxic gases and chemicals from broken pipes, mobile or stationary fuel tanks and utilities. Environmental Impairment Liability (or EIL) Insurance provides coverage for a wide range of pollution risks.

Environmental liability exposures are becoming more prevalent. As the world continues to evolve, awareness of environmental liability impairment is on the rise. If your business operations can result in you being held accountable for pollution or pollution escape, then you need to get Newfoundland EIL Insurance.

Environmental Insurance

Environmental Impairment – The Basics

Pollution Liability Insurance coverage is designed to help you manage the expenses that are associated impairment cleanup and liability claims. There are numerous types of environmental insurance available but, generally you can find them landing in two categories:


Site-specific coverage

These policies provide cleanup and third-party liability coverage for premises owned or operated by the named insured. Typically, the types of policies that are offered here include:

  1. Environmental Cleanup and Liability Insurance for Premises
  2. Environmental Cleanup and Liability Insurance for Storage Tank

Operations coverage

These policies provide cleanup and third-party liability coverage arising out of operations performed at third-party job sites by or on behalf of the named insured. Typically, the types of policies that are offered here include:

  1. Environmental Liability Insurance for Contractors
  2. Environmental Package Insurance for Contractors and Consultants

These policies provide coverage for contamination of property, groundwater or soil due to pollution. Coverage may be provided for airborne contaminates, such as emissions and smoke as well. In addition, some policies are available that will even protect against pollution that took place in the past prior to the hazardous affects becoming known.

If something like this does happen, it can be very expensive. Your company could be forced to pay substantial fines and cleanup costs because of the resulting mess. Newfoundland EIL Insurance coverage will protect you against the costs associated with such instances.

At Crosbie Job Insurance we know that environment insurance is complex and we can tailor an insurance solution that is right you.

What’s Covered?

Typically your Pollution Liability Insurance policy will provide coverage for:


Expenses required for cleanup


Compensatory damages


Expenses incurred during a voluntary cleanup

In some cases, legal defense fees and court costs will also be included in the coverage. If you work on property owned by others and the work you do involves the use of materials that are later determined to be harmful, then you might be found liable. Contractors EIL Insurance will protect you and your company against claims for injuries and bodily harm.

It is important for you to discuss with one of our Commercial Insurance professionals at Crosbie Job Insurance to determine what coverage you actually need.

Regardless of the size of your business, if you have operations that could impair the environment then you need to get Pollution Liability Insurance. Fortunately, this specialized insurance is available to meet the needs of your business.

As a leading brokerage in Newfoundland, Crosbie Job Insurance works with many of our clients to ensure they are protected from environmental exposures. Our producers work with you to make sure that there are no gaps in coverage. The cost of insurance is minimal when you consider the amount of money that you might have to pay without it. To find out more about the coverage required for your particular business, fill out our simple Quote Form. One of our brokers are standing by to help you.

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