Spring is finally here and so are the motorcycles. Every day you see a few more on the road especially on sunny days. All over the province people are taking their bikes out for the first ride of the year. Before you take the bike out of its Winter Slumber and “Blow the Cob Webs Off” the bike is going to need a little Post Winter Maintenance.

  1. Take time to be re-acquainted with the owner’s manual. It has a lot of information with respect to tire pressures, quantity and type of oil, types of other fluids as well.
  2. Top up the tank with some fresh fuel. Gasoline that sits in a bike for months is not as effective and can eventually break down. This causes hard starting and rough running. If you can not do this yourself then take it to a qualified mechanic.
  3. Charge the battery. A motorcycle with a fully charged battery is much easier to start than one that is slightly discharged. Most modern motorcycles no longer have kick starters so if the battery is even slightly discharged it’s not going to go.
  4. Over the winter your tires will lose air. Whether they are tube type or tubeless they will lose air over the winter. The owner’s manual will indicate the correct tire pressures for your bike. Get a good quality pressure gauge and check the tires. It is also Auto Insurance St Johns Newfoundlanda good time to see if you will get one more season out of your tires and if your hesitant then change them. Remember the only thing between the bike and the road surface are the tires.
  5. It’s a good time to change the oil and filter. If the oil is from the previous season then it will need to be changed. Oil is the life blood of an engine needs to be changed often.
  6. Oil is not the only fluid in your bike. Depending on the motorcycle you will need to check the engine coolant, brake fluid, final drive fluid and gear box fluid. Make sure you adhere to the recommended service intervals as indicated in the owner’s manual.
  7. Give the bike a good spring cleaning to make it shiny and new. While doing this inspect for loose nuts and bolts along the way. Motorcycles tend to shake and vibrate more than cars and sometimes things become loose.

No matter what steps you take to get your motorcycle ready for the season, it is imperative that you make sure you have insurance.  Give your motorcycle insurance experts at Crosbie Job a call.  You can Sleep Easy.  We’ve Got You Covered.

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