The purpose of home insurance is to have peace of mind knowing you have protection for your physical home as well as the contents in it. When an emergency occurs, home insurance is meant to help you through a difficult time and offer coverage for your belongings. When you need it most, your home insurance is meant to protect your home and the things within it.

As with any type of insurance coverage, it is always best to find out in great detail what exactly your policy covers so that there are no surprises when the time comes to make a claim. The majority of items in a home are normally covered through home insurance, but there can be things that are excluded. It is very important to go through the information before agreeing to it so that you know where your home and your belongings stand should an emergency ever occur. This way, if you see an item that is not covered by your home insurance, you can discuss it with your broker and get the protection that you require before it’s too late.

Home insurance policies vary depending on the insurance company, but some items that may not be covered in most policies include glassware, china, antiques, fine arts and collectibles. If you would like to be covered for these things, you will have to speak about it specifically to find coverage that protects these items. A basic insurance policy may not cover it but your broker should be able to suggest a more advanced policy that can. An appraisal may be required in order for your insurance company to cover it.

Another thing you should look out for is items with special limits. This means that certain categories have limits and if your belongings in any of those categories exceed the limit that is listed in your policy, those items will not be fully covered. Special limits apply to items like bicycles, fur jackets, computer software, wine collections and plants, to name a few. If you feel that this will be a problem, be sure to speak to your broker about additional coverage so that those items are fully protected.

You must review your policy very carefully so that you know exactly what your insurance policy covers and which items are not covered. This way, in the event of an emergency, you won’t be in for any ugly surprises because you’ll know the exact details and won’t be missing out on a type of coverage that is essential for you. Remember that every insurance policy has different coverage policies with different exclusions and limits, so it’s worth taking your time when going over the information.

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