Are you looking to purchase home insurance? You’ve already taken a great first step by making this a priority. A great home insurance policy will protect your home from any expensive and damaging risks. Typical perils covered by a home insurance policy include fire protection, explosion protection, criminal theft, and vandalism. Many insurance providers allow you to add additional risks like water damage and flood protection. Now that you have made the decision to buy home insurance, here is everything you need to know to secure the best policy.

Know Why You’re Buying Insurance

You’re buying home insurance to financially protect your property from unexpected accidental damage. This could look like a fire, a flood, a theft, or other accidents that come with costly repairs. A good insurance property will cover costs for structural damage and lost possessions. Property insurance also offers legal funds in the event a visitor is injured on your property.

Have An Idea Of What Kind Of Coverage You’re Interested In

To get the best policy, you should have some kind of idea of what risks you want covered. If you live on the coast, you may be more interested in a policy with flood protection. If you have a dog, you might want to prioritize liability coverage when it comes to insurance. Each policy depends on the insured, so speak with an agent about your specific concerns. As first time homeowner we know the coverages a bank/lender will require and will insure that those requirements are met.

Get a Quote

Getting a quote is easy, and free most of the time. You can get a quote directly from a provider or visit a brokerage like Crosbie Job Insurance. Providers can offer you a quote from only one insurance provider; where brokers shop rates from a number of different providers and offer you the best value.

The Importance of the Right Broker

Finding the right broker is not something to overlook. Your broker is essential to finding the best rate, explaining your policy, and assisting you through any claims you may need to make. You’ll know you have the right broker when they consistently put you first and make sure your needs have been met but your policy. Crosbie Job Insurance is a brokerage in Newfoundland with decades of experience when it comes to insurance, and is the perfect example of a great broker.

Now that you know everything about buying home insurance, call Crosbie Job Insurance today and speak with an agent about crafting you the best policy or to get a quote. If you have any other lingering questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Our team is always more than happy to answer your questions.