There’s a common belief that as long as the landlord has insurance, the renter is covered as well. That, unfortunately, is not the case. If there is damage to a building you’re renting, the landlord’s insurance most likely covers the walls surrounding you and major appliances, but will not cover your own, personal belongings. That’s why many choose to get tenant insurance, as it is important to ensure that if anything damages your belongings, you have the right amount of coverage in place.

Crosbie Job Insurance has compiled a straightforward guide on everything you need to know about tenant’s insurance to help you choose the right one.

What Is Tenant Insurance?

Tenant insurance is also referred to as renter’s insurance or content’s insurance. It involves the insurance coverage of a tenant’s property, typically including these three features:

  • Content’s Insurance: Coverage of any loss or damage to your property due to an insured risk. Insuring the cash value allows you to have coverage for the market price of an item that you sold prior to it getting damaged. Whereas, replacement cost covers the cost of replacing the item with a new one.
  • Personal Liability Insurance: Protects you from being liable for someone if they become injured, or having to pay for them. This also applies if their property is damaged while in your unit.
  • Additional Living Expense: Covers a portion of your living expenses if you need to vacate the property due to repair or risks such as a flood or fire.


  • Family liability protection
  • Guest Medical Protection

How Much Does Renter’s Insurance Cost?

This type of insurance is much more affordable than home insurance since it’s simply covering your possessions, liability, and other living expenses. The exact rate will differ based on the extent of your coverage, the limit of your contents insurance (typically ranges from about $30,000-$100,000) and other factors in relation to the apartment. That may include the age, it’s location, the number of people residing there and more. Over 35% of Canadian renters under the age of 35 do not have tenant insurance, which is putting them at risk of additional costs. The average cost is around $200 per year or about $17 each month.

How Do You Get Tenant Insurance?

The majority of insurance companies do offer tenant insurance. Newfoundland tenant’s insurance assures you that your belongings are protected against any damage or loss when renting a home or apartment. Crosbie Job Insurance is a privately owned insurance brokerage that provides quality tenant insurance. To seek tenant insurance, you can register an account with us. Your policy documents will be sent to Crosbie Job Insurance by your insurer and provide full details of your tenant coverage.


To get a quote on our Newfoundland tenant insurance, submit a request for a free quote on our website. We’ll make sure you’re covered when it comes to insurance to have the protection you deserve.