One of the most common questions people ask after they’ve been in an accident is whether or not they have to pay the deductible if they were not at fault. It’s hard to answer with a simple yes or no because every situation is unique, so it would depend on a few factors surrounding the accident and the insurance that you have.

Every province has different rules that apply to the insurance companies that operate within it, but generally, if your insurance policy has a $0 deductible, then you won’t have to pay a deductible if you’re not at fault for the accident. This means that if another driver were to rear end you and your insurer determines that you were not at fault, they would cover the damage that occurred to your vehicle based on your policy which includes a specific section outlining this. If your deductible is $0 then there will be no deductible for you to pay.

Of course, there are always exceptions which is why the answer is not so simple. The other vehicle involved must be insured by a company that sells car insurance in the same province in which the accident occurred. If this is not the case, your insurance company may not pay for the damages. For example, if a driver visiting from the US rear ends you in a Canadian province, then the damage would be covered under the collision section and you would have to pay your deductible based on your policy. It may be possible for your insurer to get the deductible back from the visitor’s driver’s insurance company but all exceptions vary from company to company and the situation will also make a difference as the factors surrounding an accident are unique in every case.

If you get into an accident while you’re visiting the US, then the question of your deductible will have a different answer as well because the situation is more complicated and the collision section of your policy may require you to pay the deductible. Depending on the other driver’s insurance policy your insurer may be able to waive those fees but that is something you would have to figure out after a collision occurs and the details have been finalized.

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