Unfortunately now that summer and indian summer have passed we have to start to prepare for Storm Season. Be it Fall Hurricanes/Tropical Storms, or the fiercest winter storms, preparation is key.

If there is anything that Hurricane IGOR and Blackout NL have taught us, it is we must be prepared. Many family have tied in a gas generator to their electrical panel but there is more to it than that.  It involves planning an escape route, preparing your house and developing a Disaster Preparedness Kit.

Disaster Preparedness Kit

The first step is to prepare a Disaster Preparedness Kit.  As a rule thumb I would include the following Items in my Disaster Preparedness Kit

  1. Food & Water enough for 3 to 7 days. Remember to include the pets in the equation
  2. A Canister of Gas (if there is no electricity you will not be able to get gas).
  3. Fill up your car for the same reasons.
  4. If you have your Own Gas Generator Top it up as well
  5. Cash – ATMs could be down
  6. Flash Lights
  7. Blankets
  8. First Aid Kit
  9. Batteries
  10. Battery Powered Radio
  11. Personal Hygiene Products
  12. Important Emergency Contact Information. You may not be able to access computers or smart phones.
  13. Any medications should be filled before a storm

Is That All?

Of course you need to add a few other aspects besides the kit. You need to determine where the safest place in your home is depending on the circumstances. You need to have a multiple escape routes from the home and community. Have a plan where you will go in case of emergency.

If you plan on using your fireplace to keep your house warm during an emergency make sure you check the chimneys once or twice a year.

I would also encourage you to read about emergency preparedness at the following Government of Canada website: or Check out this great video from our friends @ Travelers Insurance:


What About Insurance?

That’s our selling point. You need to talk to a Newfoundland Insurance Expert @ Crosbie Job Insurance. Make sure you covered for the exposure, so a weather event does not turn into a Financial Disaster. Take the time to call us. We will take time to review your policies, be it home, auto, or business to make sure you are covered. We want you to Sleep Easy.

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