As we approach Easter and week 4 of the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis, I felt it was important to outline our position and what we know insurance-wise how things are being handled.

First and foremost your health and safety is the most important thing, please be sure to look after yourself and your loved ones.  This pandemic is putting a great strain on everyone individually and as a collective. We have to look after each other yet continue to adhere to social distancing.

In regards to Crosbie Job Insurance, as I have stated over the last few weeks, we have decided to close our office to walk-in traffic.  While we typically love seeing you come for a visit, during these times we are discouraging all visits, be it from our clients, vendors or insuring partners.  In the rare case where something cannot be done digitally, our Customer Care Specialists and Commercial Account Managers can make arrangements by appointment.  We are still receiving mail and courier deliveries.

All our staff in St. John’s now have the ability to work from home.  Our offices outside St. John’s continue to be the place of work as they typically never exceed three people in a location. That said our restrictions about walk-in traffic apply to these locations as well.  We all need to work to flatten the curve and practice social/physical distancing.

Any member of our team can be reached at their normal contact numbers and email which can be found at our Meet the Team Pages.

Digital Tools

At some point over the last year if we had your email, you likely have received an email from me.  In that email, I typically talk about digital tools.  During this period, it seems more important now than ever that people adapt digitally.  Mail is proving to be unreliable or at the very least substantially delayed.

I encourage you to download our App from the Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store.  Alternatively, you can access your account from our website at our customer portal.  The App and Portal cover about 75-80% of our personal lines customers and we are working to bring commercial and the remainder online.

If you need help let us know.

Overcoming months, I would not be surprised to see our insuring partners pushing the digital revolution as well.  You are free to download or use their website as well.  The one thing I would caution is if you have policies with different insurers you are going to have to go to multiple sites to get that info.  Our app/portal should allow you to access everything in one space.  Again the choice is yours


At this point, there still seems to be a lack of consistency in how insurers are going to handle payment problems that insureds face, except all are saying that they will work with insureds on a case-by-case basis.  If you have a problem, then please speak to a representative

  • ·         Some insurers are temporally suspending cancellation for Non Payment (please note not all insurers)
  • ·         Some insurers are waiving NSF during the crisis (again not all insurers have stated that)
  • ·         Some insurers have a state of emergency clause built into their policies where they will automatically extend coverage.  Please don’t rely on this as not all policies have this extension and more often than not it is only found on property policies, not auto policies.  If you need more information please talk to your representative.

Are there things that you can do to help manage your insurance payments?  Absolutely, please call your representative and they can review your policy with you.  Examples that you could consider

  1.  If you are working from home now, or no longer use your vehicle for work purposes you could have your policy re-rated.
  2.  If you are a business, you may choose to park vehicles while the crisis is ongoing.
  3.  If you are a business you may want to look at your potential receipts for the upcoming year and discuss revising them.  Often your Liability premium is based on your anticipated receipts.
  4.  Perhaps there are some discounts that you could be entitled to.  It never hurts to ask!

Other things to consider when it comes to payment, if you pay Crosbie Job directly, we can offer to

  • Amend your policy to monthly billing with the insurance company (typically can only be done on renewal)
  • We can accept your payment via Interac Email – please contact your representative to find out how
  • We can accept EMT/EFT money transfers – again please contact your representative to find out how
  • We may be able to offer a financing plan with one of Premium Finance partners
  • We can accept visa/master card

Other Things to Consider

If you insure your building and are effectively closed with no one going onsite, it would be best to make sure that you have a vacancy permit added to your building.  Many insurers are reading in this coverage, but it would be best to make sure.

Some insured have also asked if the business interruption will cover a pandemic, and the short answer is no because business interruption would typically only come into play because of an insured peril.  That said insurance brokers don’t typically make the call on claims so if you wish we can present your claim to your insurer.

Some Important Resources

Finally, I want to offer some links that may be of use to you

Please stay safe, practice good hygiene, and practice social and physical distancing.  We are all in this together, together we can flatten the curve.

Try to enjoy your Easter weekend, use facetime, google duo, zoom, Facebook messenger etc and try to share the day with family and loved ones.



Basil Crosbie

Crosbie Job Insurance Limited