Clarenville, Newfoundland, is home to some of the most spectacular coastal views in all of Canada. The town offers exceptional winter sport activities for residents and visitors. Clarenville is also the location of hundreds of families and local businesses. Thanks to the expert team of brokers at Crosbie Job Insurance, protecting your family, home, car, and business has never been easier.

Why Insure with Crosbie Job Insurance?

At Crosbie Job Insurance, we offer a variety of coverage options designed to secure your precious assets and the things that matter most to you in Newfoundland and Labrador. Here is how we set ourselves apart from the competition:

Local history

For over 100 years, the Crosbie Job Insurance team has offered residents and business owners comprehensive financial coverage in the event of a disaster. We are dedicated to the province and frequently participate in local events.

Personal and customizable coverage

You are unique and individual, as are your family, personal risks, and Clarenville business. Crosbie Job insurance takes the extra time to deeply understand and hunt for the perfect policy at the best rate for you to accommodate all your personal needs! We shop rates from a number of providers to offer you the most complete and customized insurance coverage.

Expert Service

We are insurance pros at Crosbie Job Insurance, and our knowledge and skill are evident through each client interaction. We handle all calls, events, and claims with extreme professionalism, care, and understanding. Our goal is to make all insurance processes easier for each client.

To get started with the perfect insurance coverage, call the Clarenville Crosbie Job Insurance branch today, or get your free quote online!

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