Your backyard is a perfect location to host an intimate wedding ceremony between close family and friends. With every wedding, the to-do-list can be overwhelming, from seating arrangements to choosing the food and drinks to be served. Another factor that should be on your list and can’t be overlooked is insurance. Believe it or not, your property is a liability, from having guests dancing on your lawn, to vendors hauling equipment across it. It’s one of the most important factors to consider for a backyard wedding, even if it’s not the most exciting.

Check out Crosbie Job Insurance’s guide to understanding why you need insurance for your backyard wedding:

Is Home Insurance Enough?

Prior to your wedding day, it’s crucial for you to revisit your home insurance policy to understand what exactly is covered. Your policy may state that it covers damage post-wedding ceremony, however, alcohol increases the risk of accidents and damage. This may lead to severe damage that the home insurance coverage will not cover and may require you to increase your liability insurance limit. It’s also practical to add umbrella insurance to your policy and an additional liquor liability insurance. Here’s how the two can be beneficial for you:

Other Insurance Policies To Consider

Newfoundland Personal Umbrella Insurance

When your property & or auto insurance is not efficient enough, umbrella insurance is the practical choice. This policy provides an additional layer of security when your other insurance liability coverage limit is exceeded.

Liquor Liability Insurance

There is always a potential risk involved when liquor is involved at a wedding ceremony. Adding a liquor liability policy can protect you from damages and losses caused by an intoxicated guest during the wedding that injured themselves or others. Host liquor liability insurance covers special events and ceremonies that will have alcohol being served to the guests there. Crosbie Job Insurance makes this insurance process straightforward and simple. We only require you to fill out a form on our site and our experts will find the best coverage for you going forward.

Do You Need A Permit To Have Alcohol At Your Backyard Wedding?

A liquor license is a permit that allows you to sell, distribute or dispense various alcoholic beverages for your business or event. You are required to have this permit when hosting a backyard wedding. The bartenders and servers must all have their “Serve Responsible” certificate in Newfoundland to legally distribute alcohol. In Newfoundland, there is a beverage service course that prepares and qualifies the server to responsibly make and provide drinks to guests.

Wedding Guard

Getting Married is a big deal. There is a lot to consider. No matter how you choose to proceed you should consult your Insurance Broker. Crosbie Job Insurance is here for you. We recognize that a wedding is a big financial commitment and that’s why we recommend buying a Wedding Guard Policy. Even if you are not hosting the wedding at your home. A wedding guard policy not only provides you with liability coverage but can include cancellation insurance (both wedding and honeymoon), lost deposits, getting a new photographer or location, temporary coverage on gifts and so much more.

Before your big day, you want to ensure you’re covered with one of the most reliable and effective Newfoundland insurance companies. Crosbie Job Insurance agents will browse the market for the most affordable and suitable coverage for you and competitive premiums. Don’t wait, complete our Protection Savings Quote on our site to receive a free quote on the coverage you desire today!