It’s a common saying in the insurance industry that water damage is the new fire.  Are insurance companies exaggerating?  No, in fact water claims have surpassed fire in regards to dollars paid out (maybe not this year with the Fort Mac wildfire). Water continues to be a problem.

Twenty years ago, if you had a water claim it was simple clean up. Today it’s much more involved.  There are concerns with mold, and now basements are in fact living areas that are decked out to the nines. In many cases the basement is the new man cave.  So when there is a water problem it costs much more to clean it up and replace the damaged items.

With that in mind, there are many ways to mitigate water damage.  The Insurance Bureau of Canada offers nine suggestions to get water damage under control.

Nine (9) Quick Tips to Minimize Water Damage:

  1. Keep all floor drains clear of obstructions
  2. Make sure your home/property is checked on when you are away for more than a few days.
  3. Ensure that your property is properly graded so that water runs away from your home.
  4. Install a sump pump
  5. Check on your backwater valve at least once a year, and either install or replace as necessary.  A Backwater Valve will prevent sewer water from backing up into your home.
  6. Don’t store expensive or important items on the floor.  Generally get them up off the floor.
  7. In the winter, if you are going to be away for more than a few days, think about draining the plumbing.  Again have someone check the house regularly.  More often the better.
  8. Elevate furnaces, water heaters and electrical panels
  9. Avoid finishing a basement that is prone to flooding.

No Two Policies Are Alike

While most homeowner’s insurance policies are similar, every insurance company has slightly different wordings and offer a few unique frills and twists.  With that in mind it is important to ask questions of your insurance broker, to make sure you are covered.  In fact many insurance companies are offering extended water damage coverage.  It is important to explore these options when reviewing your policy.

Your Water Damage Insurance Experts

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