With the gifting season approaching, I’ll bet you’re crazy busy like so many other people.  I was struck by a customers comments to my receptionist the other day about Christmas Shopping.  He mentioned that things are crazy out there, and he worries every day that he has to shop whether it is online or in a mall etc.  He commented that it even gets worse at Christmas time.  “There are so many scammers and thieves out there, they are always watching for an opportunity.

So with that in mind  I wanted to pass on some important information about saving money or at the very least safety tips..  It’s just that this time of year sees a huge rise in theft, fraud and deception that lands many already-hard-pressed shoppers in hot water.

Tips for the Shoppers Out There

So, quickly, here are 5 things to beware of when you’re shopping this season:

  • Be careful buying online from stores you’ve never heard of. At the very least, do a Google search and check them out. Use your credit card for extra fraud protection.
  • Buying gifts at huge knock-down prices. It’s tempting but it’s usually too good to be true. Often, the products are either defective or fakes.
  • Contributing to charities you’re unfamiliar with or putting money into street collection boxes. Give, give, give — but best to do it directly to charities you know and trust, or those operating inside stores.
  • Mingling in crowds without protecting your wallet or purse. Stores are crowded of course, so they’re a magnet for pickpockets. Look after your stuff and only carry one credit card with you.
  • Parking your car in the wrong place. Find a busy, well-lit area of a parking lot but try to keep your purchases with you in the mall. If you must return to your car part way through, lock your purchases well out of sight in the trunk.

The Insurance Side

So whats the Insurance Part of the Topic, well its important to to know if your Homeowners Insurance covers you for identity theft,.  As well it is important to know that those gifts are covered by your home owners insurance, but if they were bought on credit your credit card might cover them as well.

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