No one likes to hear the weather man warn of a rain storm.  Rain can be such a destructive force.  It can wash out roads, cause landslide, flood homes etc.  Unfortunately we do not control mother nature; as such we must prepare when we hear of  rain storms/hurricanes etc.  Don’t let a Matthew or an Igor destroy your possessions.

With that in mind, we feel it is important to offer some quick tips to help prepare for the rain.  But first and foremost it is important to be safe, don’t do anything dangerous.  Physical possessions can be replaced, life can’t!

Inside Your Home

  • Sump Pump – if you have a sump pump make sure it is working.  Give it a quick test.
  • Pickup Belongings – If you are like the most of you have things on floor, especially in the basement.  No matter if your basement is a full fledged room/man caver or just an area for storage; it is a good idea to get things up off the floor.  We know it’s not fool proof, but the more stuff off the floor the better.  It might be impossible to get everything off the floor, but get what you can.  If you have electronics; unplug them and get them up.
  • Openings – Make sure windows and doors are closed.  If you get a chance check the weather stripping.  It might sound trivial, but quiet often this little step saves hassle and money in the long run
  • Backwater Valve – If you don’t have one, you should.  It will help stem the tide of water coming in via your town or city water system.
  • Home Inventory – This goes along with getting valuables up off the floor.  A quick inventory with pictures can help if you have a claim situation.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – If there is anything that Igor taught us is we must be prepared.  Consider developing a plan and kit so that you are prepared for the worst.

Outside the Home

  • Window Wells, Eves Troughs/Gutters – just about every home will have one of these, perhaps even all of these.  Make sure they are cleaned of debris.  It will help guide water from the house.  At the same time make sure down spouts are pointed away from the house. 
  • Roofs – it’s a good idea to inspect your roof a couple times a year, especially before a big storm.  Make sure seals around chimneys, vents are in good condition.  If not reseal them.  If your inspection shows missing, curled or buckled shingles, it is time to have a professional look at it.
  • Street Grates – If you live near a street grate, make sure debris is cleared.  We know it is supposed to be the town/city’s job, but do you really want to deal with water damage, when you could have just moved a few branches etc.  No one is expecting you to lift the grate and do an inspection, just clean up any debris around or on the grate.
  • Lawn Furniture – Unfortunately when we get torrential rainfalls, it quite often is accompanied by high winds.  With that in mind, if you can put ways lawn furniture, cushions etc.  If you can’t store it consider tying it down.
  • Foundation – Take a quick walk around and look at your foundation.  If you see a crack, you should consider sealing it even if just temporarily till you can get a professional to look at it.
  • Trees – I you have the time, take a quick inspection of your trees.  Like we said earlier, quite often we end up with strong winds as well.  If you have any suspect branches, consider trimming.   Dead branches should be the first to go.  Branches to close to your home should be cut back.
  • Back up Generator – if you have a back up generator make sure it is working and you have fuel to run it.
  • Cars – Make sure your cars are fuelled up.  If we are flooded out getting gas may prove difficult.

What About Insurance?

Well that is where we come in.  It is important to have homeowners insurance, but its just as important to understand for what you are covered.  Take the time to talk to our homeowners insurance experts here @ Crosbie Job Insurance. Make sure you covered for the exposure, so a weather event does not turn into a Financial Disaster. Take the time to call us. We will take time to review your policies, be it home, auto, or business to make sure you are covered. We want you to Sleep Easy.

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