Its a common thing to hear in the insurance industry.  My Car was broken into.  As an insurance broker we hear that a lot.  It struck me the other day, when I heard a client telling his representative about his most recent adventure,  It really got in my craw.  With all the modern technology there has to be a way to prevent these break-ins, but the more research I did pointed to using some good old fashion common sense.

My Research

All the checking around whether it was on the internet, or looking through claims reports all point to us as the best deterrent to car break-ins.  Most automobile break-ins are smash and grab or snatch and go.  They last less than 60 seconds. As well as the holiday season fast approaches these types of crimes seem to increase. So what can be done?

Speaking to police and claims adjusters, we have developed 11 Tips that should help deter would be thieves:

  1. Ensure your doors are always locked and that you have your keys
  2. Always park in well lit areas
  3. Never leave any kind of money (even a bit change) in sight.  Really you should not leave money in your car
  4. Always roll up your windows.  Make sure sunroofs are closed.
  5. Put any shopping bags/parcels or other valuables in a locked trunk.  If there is no trunk cover them up with your cargo cover.
  6. If you have a portable GPS, make sure it is out of sight.  Wipe any suction cup marks off (leaving suction cup marks tells the would be thief that there is could be a valuable GPS in the car.
  7. Try not to leave any identification, including your insurance pink slips and vehicle registration in the car.  Or at the very least lock it away,  As digital pink slips have become legal this year, it would be smart to digitize your vehicle registration as well.  (Hey this is a good opportunity to plug our 24-7-365 Digital Smart Phone App Search for Crosbie Job Insurance on your app store and get your digital pink cards)
  8. Take all electronics with you.
  9. Don’t leave your Car Running
  10. If you park in the same parking lot often, try not to park in the same spot all the time
  11. Use an alarm system in your car

So What is Most Commonly Stolen?

Research shows the following items are most commonly stolen, so taking it with you, leaving it home, or locking it in the trunk will deter would be thieves:

  • Laptops/Ipads
  • Money/Change
  • GPS
  • Shopping Packages
  • Purses
  • Compact Discs
  • Stereos,
  • Ipods/MP3 Players
  • Briefcases
  • Tools
  • Personal Documents

Won’t Insurance Cover it?

That the million dollar question.  Most people think your auto insurance policy will cover theft from your car.  Well the first thing is you have to have Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage (Specified Perils won’t cover windows smashed or vandalism to the car).  Assuming you have that coverage then things that are factory installed parts of the car that are stolen will be covered.  But really when we look at the common items stolen, how many of them are permanent fixtures perhaps a stereo, a Cd Player, GPS etc.

What about the Other Stuff?  Well that’s where your homeowners or tenants coverage comes into play.  They are typically covered as items that are temporarily removed from your home/condo/apartment.

Its important to remember that you will also have to pay a deductible if filing a claim (possibly two deductibles if filing under both policies).

The Big Sell

So now that you have some tips in your arsenal to help prevent your car from being broken into, its time to review your insurance policies.  At Crosbie Job Insurance we are your Newfoundland and Labrador Auto & Home Insurance Experts.  It only takes a few minutes to give us a call and we will be more than happy to review your current coverage and then tailor insurance policies that suit your needs.  .

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